Intergenerational Living

Intergenerational Living through the Learning Centre includes formalized programming designed to bring children and seniors together for a specific purpose, and informal interactions to encourage natural and meaningful engagement. This could include accomplishing a specific task like completing a puzzle or reading a book, enjoying some music, baking or creating artwork. It could also include joining a group of residents for a meal, a snack, or to simply enjoy a local Regina performer together.  Both formal and informal interactions provide unique opportunities for our residents and children to share their knowledge, experiences and time with each other.

Learning Through Play

Our second key principle is learning through play. We believe in using the world around us to encourage children to explore and learn. Our goal is to encourage their natural curiosity and unique learning styles, helping develop their gross and fine motor skills, pre-reading abilities, pre-writing skills and encourage a love of learning and experiencing new things!

Other benefits of our Learning Center include:

  • Full access to our outdoor courtyard
  • Full access to Havilland Park, directly across the street from Orange Tree Village
  • Nutritious lunch and snacks cooked fresh, daily
  • On-site nurse
  • Access to salon services for regular haircuts
  • Meal options including packed lunches and meals on the go from our restaurant or coffee house
Preference for space in our learning center is given to children who have a close relative living or working in Orange Tree Village, to further support families in maintaining strong relationships with one another. For more information call 306.216.7695 or email

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For Questions about Our Learning Center: 1-306-790-TREE